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Surfside Aquasports Cayman Kayak Safaris

Surfside Aquasports Cayman Kayak Safaris

Welcome to Surfside Aquasports Cayman Kayak Safaris!

Are You Looking For Fun, Excitement, Romance, Fresh Air and Sunshine?

Well maybe not romance but you never know whom you'll meet on our kayaking adventure.

Recreational kayaking has become one of the most popular outdoor sports in recent years. Often thought to be a strenuous activity, sit-on-top kayaks virtually glide across the water with almost no effort. Don't get confused by the Olympic athletes you see kayaking on TV. Recreational kayaking is a low impact aerobic form of exercise that anyone can do and requires almost no specific upper body strength. It's a great excuse to get out, enjoy the warmth of the sun and splash in the pristine aqua-green water of our beautiful island home. Surfside Aquasports on Grand Cayman has offered this very unique kayaking tour for over ten years. It's known as the Cayman Kayak & Snorkel Safari.

Safari Overview

The Safari begins on the southern shoreline of Grand Cayman in an area known as South Sound. This three-hour guided tour starts with a safety briefing and a simple introduction to paddling techniques. Your guides will assist you in launching your kayak from there; it's up to you to "Row-Row-Row-Your-Boat" a short distance to the first scheduled stop.

After an overview of the local ecosystem the guides outline the interaction between the delicate sea grass beds and the extensive mangrove population. The South Sound shoreline is a home to the Red Mangrove trees whose primary job is to stabilize the beach and minimize erosion during storm conditions. They also provide a safe habitat for juvenile fish, conch (pronounced "conk"), lobster and other small creatures.

An easy paddle along the coastline takes you to a small protected alcove where a concentrated look through the shimmering water reveals hundreds of up-side-down jellyfish or Cassiopeia dotting the sea floor. They first appear to be plant life but closer examination shows the gentle pulsing of their body structure.

Heading offshore, remember "Row-Row-Row-Your-Boat", sea grass beds become a white sandy bottom. Here you can rest aboard our private swim platform to sunbathe or swim in the crystal clear water. A guided snorkeling session is included with masks and snorkels provided for an opportunity to glimpse at the spectacular underwater landscape that exists just below the water's surface.

A large coral head is a few yards away where a multitude of tropical fish gather to feed on the algae. You will be amazed what you can see in a relatively small area.

Reserved seats for the Cayman Kayak & Snorkel Safari go quickly so we encourage you to book your place on line prior to arrival on the island or contact us directly as soon as you get settled.

See You On The Water !!